News will launch a crowdfunding school in Ugra

Representatives of, the largest crowdfunding platform in Russia, will introduce the mechanism of crowdfunding to the participants of the international forum.

Grants and subsidies are by no means the only instrument for financing socially significant projects. There is also crowdfunding, which is called public financing for a reason. With the help of, more than 8.5 thousand projects have been carried out, more than 20 million US dollars have been raised, and the average check for supporting initiatives is 15 us dollars.

At the VIII International Humanitarian Forum "Civic Initiatives of the Regions of the 60th Parallel" participants will learn how to promote an unfamiliar but important project for society.

The speakers of the panel "Crowdfunding in Russia. Crowdfunding School" will be Olga German, crowdfunding producer at, and Victoria Potapova, PR manager at

At the talk, they will explain in detail

- what crowdfunding is,

- how to use it to attract additional funding for your project,

- how to realize that your project has crowdfunding potential.

"Crowdfunding not only provides an opportunity to raise additional funds. With the help of this mechanism, you can announce your project to a large audience and test your idea on real people. This is a whole range of opportunities, which has already given rise to many successful projects," says Victoria Potapova.

Then, in a workshop with Olga German, participants will be able to draw up their first crowdfunding projects in practice. You can register for the platform "Crowdfunding in Russia. Crowdfunding School" by visiting

At the end of the session selected participants will have the opportunity to study at the crowdfunding school organized by the Ugra Civil Initiatives Foundation in partnership with The training will take place in December 2023 in an online format.